This is 100% absolutely not new, but I haven’t blogged about this at all, or even updated the site to announce this!

This year, WPCampus moved from one director to a Board of Directors model, allowing Rachel Cherry to step back from being responsible for the whole of the organization. She opened a call for nominations, and while I was interested, my imposter syndrome kicked in (again) and told me not to apply. However, to my surprise, I was nominated by someone else!

In early January, I was voted into the Board, and assumed the officer role of Secretary. It’s an exciting time! It’s been a few months, and I’m settling into my role. The entire board is an amazing group of people, and I am so honored and proud to be serving with them.

Oh, and as a little plug, join us in New Orleans this July for the 2023 conference! As if I’m not busy enough 😅, I’m also on the planning committee, acting as the attendee and registration coordinator. Tulane University, here we come!