Hello! My name is Reed.

Front-end developer. Pop culture scholar.

I am a senior front-end web developer in Washington DC, specializing in accessible and responsive coding using modern CSS techniques. I also currently study Communication, Culture, and Technology at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Georgetown University, focusing on the representation of marginalized identities in popular media, specifically with regard to fat and gender.

My pronouns are they/them/theirs. My 2005 iPod still gets a lot of use. I've travelled a loop around the country via train, and I plan to drive the Lincoln Highway when I complete my masters. I knit socks but I also have a bunch of unfinished sweaters. I sing in a competitive karaoke league, and I enjoy tea and coffee equally.

I've been a developer for over twenty years, and I've recently told my imposter syndrome to eff off and I've started speaking at conferences. Within my graduate program, I've branched out from dev and explored other passions, critically examining media with regard to abuse, oppression, and underrepresentation.