a digital sketch, drawn by me, from a selfie I took of me and my wife at our wedding. I’m on the left of the photo, in the red lace dress. Ami is on the right, with long hair and wearing a black dress

Last Saturday, I went to the farmers market for the first time this season, and as I was walking into our apartment building, I heard some folks in the lobby talking about an estate sale. I asked about it, and they told me where it was. I dropped off my groceries, told my wife I wanted to check it out “just to see”, and headed out.

Dear reader, let me tell you. The living room held a lot of the usual things — china sets, books of varying subjects, knick knacks. Then I made my way into the bedroom, where I immediately fell in love. There, in the corner, was a vintage secretary dresser in amazing condition.

I say “vintage” because it seems to have been made in mid-last-century, yet is a reproduction of an antique piece. It’s got four drawers, and when you open the desk top, there are so many neat little nooks and secret hiding spots! And I got the thing for under $200.

It needs a good dusting and a nice polish, but overall, it is gorgeous. I would like to take more photos when it’s all cleaned up and in its proper space in the apartment.

I have wanted something like this since I was an early teenager, so nearly all my life. I am still reeling.