a modern Samsung smart phone sitting top of a notebook. There is an image on the phone’s screen that looks like a vintage cassette tape, with a label reading: Mix Tape

above: photo by @felipepelaquim on Unsplash

It’s that time again! I’m bringing back something from my old, regular blogging days of the mid-aughts: the Friday Random Ten. I don’t remember who started this tradition, but a bunch of us Philly bloggers would bring this around every Friday. The basic rules are:

  1. fire up your digital music player
  2. go to “all songs“ and shuffle play everything
  3. note the first 10 songs to show up, without skipping anything
  4. create your playlist

Today’s Friday Random Ten, brought to you by preparing for the next season of District Karaoke, which starts one week from today! I’m green team on my division this season. We are Sex Bob-omb!

  1. “Damaged Goods” – The Sinister Six, Invasion of the Mic Snatchers
  2. “Hymn” – Moby, MobySongs 1993-1998
  3. “Frost” – Allison Tartalia, Ready
  4. “Spread” – OutKast, Speakerbox / The Love Below
  5. “Velvet Morning” – The Verve, Urban Hymns
  6. “The Frail” – Nine Inch Nails, And All That Could Have Been
  7. “Queen of the Populists” – Beulah, Handsome Western States
  8. “Collarbone” – Fujiya & Miyagi, Transparent Things
  9. “Seconds” – U2, War

Artists I’ve seen live: The Sinister Six, Moby, Allison Tartalia, ToadOfSky

Favorite track on the list: “SPECIALEDITION”, and no, that’s not just because we have the same parents.

Least favorite track on the list: even without the problematicness of Moby, this is one of my least-liked songs of his.