Does it count meeting my blogging goal if my third post is about how I’m feeling with not quite meeting my blogging goal?

I started feeling sick on New Year's Day, and tested positive for covid-19 the next morning. I’ve spent the entire year so far, sick. Sometimes, there is only so much to do while sick and still try to recover. As much as I want to get back to “normal”, my body reminded me of its boundaries when I tried. Just a walk two blocks up the street completely wiped me and I slept about 12 hours.

This isn’t a post so much about covid as it is me being frustrated. I’d still like to keep my “three posts a month” goal for the year, but I’d like to be more realistic, especially given how I’ve been this month. If I can do at least one post per month, I’d feel accomplished!

Some things I’d like to write about:

  • neat things I’m coding at work
  • trying to meal plan for the first time
  • my obvious first attempts at crochet
  • saving up for a new sewing machine
  • getting involved in professional organizations
  • celebrating my bun’s first birthday

I’m still working hard to get over my imposter syndrome. I came across a blog post called 7 reasons why I don't write and it really does help to know that other people’s brains tell them similar things.

So I’ll keep going.