Facing Bipolar

Overview image of Facing Bipolar
  • Portfolio piece: #3
  • Published: 2009
  • Created for: Digital Health (Technology)
  • Capabilities: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.net

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FacingBipolar was an unbranded website for AstraZeneca, aimed at providing extensive and reliable information to patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The project kicked off in summer 2008 with a diverse team, encompassing account, marketing, creative, and technology departments. As the lead front-end developer on the project, I collaborated with our technology lead on the basic front-end assets and code standards for the website, and with our senior back-end developer on the template framework. The website launched in early spring 2009.

FacingBipolar won an award in 2009 for outstanding achievement in web development under the Pharmaceuticals category.

Development was done in Visual Studio using ASP.net. The back-end developer built the template framework, and I broke out our components into reusable blocks, such as header, footer, and callouts. The MooTools library imported minimal JavaScript functionality, and sIFR provided custom fonts for page headlines.

One feature of the website was the inclusion of images designed to look like sticky notes and photos scattered across a desk. To accomplish this effect, the images were saved as high-quality PNG files that could support alpha-channel transparency, while HTML and CSS was written to allow the pullquotes to be read in the regular flow of content while also appearing slightly disorganized.

Code example of pullquote photos

Screenshot of pullquotes on FacingBipolar's website
<div class="photos">
  <img src="[SRC]" width="305" height="220" alt="Photo of: Girl at a computer desk">
  <img src="[SRC]" width="180" height="170" alt="Sometimes, I don't leave my apartment, answer the phone, or check my e-mail for days.">
div#content div.photos {
  position: relative; }
div#content div.photos img {
  display: inline;
  position: relative;
  float: right;
  margin: 1em -125px 0 1em; }
div#content div.photos img + img {
  clear: right;
  margin: -97px -111px 0 1em; }