The Cheap Collegiate

Overview image of The Cheap Collegiate
  • Portfolio piece: #4
  • Published: 2015
  • Created for: University of Maryland, University College (CMST 388 Fundamentals of JavaScript)
  • Capabilities: usability, user interface design, wireframes, content strategy

This project is available for download as a PDF.

This website proposal was the penultimate project for a JavaScript course I took in Fall 2015.

The goal was to create a proposal for a fictional website that would then be developed as the final project. The main objective was to demonstrate good project planning skills, and the proposal needed to include a website title, project description, content development, design considerations, and a detailed project plan. Additionally, the proposal also required a storyboard or wireframe that would illustrate a sketch for each page of the website and identify the site’s architecture and structure. Other website elements needed to be analyzed, such as color scheme, graphics, typeface, video or audio, and interactivity.

I created a fictional bookstore near a college campus, called The Cheap Collegiate. In the proposal, I detailed the bookstore’s specifications, including audience analysis and content strategy. Using Moqups, I built wireframes for the website and incorporated them in the proposal. I adopted the milestones for content, structure, functionality, and quality assurance based on the final project deadline. I concluded the proposal by justifying my coding standards with solid research on the best practices for front-end development.