My name is Reed, and I am a front-end web developer in Washington DC.

Presently, I study digital media and web technology, focusing on the intersection of culture and technology, and am passionate about social issues regarding gender, sexuality, and reproductive rights. I am a feminist, a night-owl, a bike-and-bus commuter, and a vegan baker. I drink coffee while I code, I knit socks based on my fandoms, and I sing in a team-based social karaoke league.

In my current position, I am a senior front-end developer on the web team at Georgetown University, creating, coding, and maintaining Drupal themes for the university websites, and collaborating with my team via Google, Trello, Github, and Slack. Our method is Agile, and I’ve expanded our process to include feature branching in Git, thorough code review, and comprehensive quality assurance. On many projects, I act as tech lead and direct our research, analysis, and architechture while coordinating with our product manager.

I’m working on making the switch to Bourbon after several several years of relying on Compass for my CSS/Sass framework. I prefer SMACSS over BEM, but I do appreciate how they can work together. My coworker recently came back from DrupalCon full of excitement for Pattern Lab, so now of course I’m all worked up about it, too!

Although responsive and accessible HTML and CSS is my main code focus, I also work with JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as jQuery and Bootstrap. My upcoming objectives revolve around Drupal 8 features, such as Backbone.js and the Twig template engine.

I hope upon all that is good in this world that we never go back to table-based layouts.